Instructions for authors


Abstracts should follow guidelines:
  1. Everyone who want to present an oral or poster presentation should send the abstract.
  2. To upload the abstract, after registration as participant, login to the system and register the conference paper (title, authors and their affiliation). Then login, select “Detail“ button next to relevant paper and upload the abstract file.
  3. One A5 page is allocated per abstract. Abstract text length is limited to 1800 characters including space. Authors will be asked to shorten the abstract if necessary, namely in case of high number of authors or long affiliations.
  4. Submit the abstract as .doc/.docx, .rtf or .txt format file.
  5. Title, authors and affiliations will be taken from registration database; headers included in the abstract file will not be taken into account (the title and the affiliation are not included in the characters limit)
  6. Abstract should not include figures and tables
  7. There should be no headlines, except for optional References section.

Manuscripts for the Special issue of Radiation Protection Dosimetry (RPD)

Please, kindly read carefully the instructions below.
Do not upload your manuscript(s) to RPD web page!

  1. Get the template for your manuscript in MS Word or LaTex. Carefully read the instructions for authors for manuscript preparation which can be found on the RPD webpage - > click here.
  2. Prepare the manuscript to be submitted before September 30th, 2019.
  3. Upload the manuscript to the registration system (same place where you uploaded abstract) – e.g. login, Details, choose your presentation/poster, upload conference proceedings. Should you prefer, you can also send the paper by mail to
  4. Length limits: 4 pages for ordinary contributors, 6 pages for invited lectures. Please, use the RPD template to check the length. Extra page will be charged to the author 100 GBP per page.
  5. Each paid participant can send maximum of 2 articles.
  6. All manuscripts must be black and white only.
  7. Each of the manuscripts will be reviewed by two reviewers.
  8. If author is asked to revise the manuscript author will be expected to provide a covering letter that responds in detail to each point raised by reviewers or editors, and to indicate, using a different colour font, all changes and new material in your paper, ensuring that such changes will be clear if referees print your manuscript in black and white (do not use the ‘track changes’ mode of Word). Corrected manuscript and covering letter should be sent to the email address asap.
  9. Authors will be informed whether their contribution was accepted for publication or not till March 31th, 2020.
  10. Given that all authors will follow the above stated rules correctly, we expect the publication of the Special issue from the Radon and no later than in the second half of the year 2020.
In case of questions, please do not hesitate and contact us on the email address

Oral presentation

The oral presentation should not be longer than 20 minutes discussion included.

The Symposium meeting hall at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering is equipped with the following A-V equipment:
  1. Overhead projector.
  2. Data projector (Videoprojector XG P10XE) – WINDOWS (MS PowerPoint 2010, PDF format); Linux. It is possible to show two different presentations at a time. Two LCD colour monitors at the sides and a large screen in the middle are available.
  3. The projection feed can include Internet sources.
  4. Microphone wireless system.
  5. WiFi access is provided in the symposium room and nearby area.
  6. Video conferencing system Polycom is available at the Faculty (contact the secretariat with possible suggestions).
  7. All presentations will be run from local laptop; it is possible to use own laptops.It is possible to use other additional A-V equipment (or different AV system) after agreement with the Symposium secretariat (we will accommodate any reasonable requests and prepare the equipment necessary). 
If you would like to make sure your presentation is in agreement with our system, you can send us your presentation before the conference will start and we could try it.

Poster presentation

Poster section will be open permanently. Each author should provide 1-5 slides in PowerPoint *.pptx, *.ppt or AdobeAcrobat *.pdf with introduction to the poster.

These slides will be displayed in loop in the Symposium meeting hall serving as the invitation for other participants to visit the poster section and see the poster.

Poster presentation should not be longer that 5 minutes.

The maximum poster size is 100 x 150 cm - width x height, e.g. A0 format perfectly fits to the poster panels.