Scientific topics

Methods of measurement for both radon and thoron - devices, metrological aspects
Focused on:
  • Radon and thoron monitoring on workplaces incl. personal monitoring.
  • Measurement in mixed radon+thoron fields.
  • Measurement of radon and thoron progenies.
  • QA/QC of radon and thoron measurements.
Other relevant topics: Measurement errors; accuracy of measurement; comparison measurements; radon/thoron time series analysis; QA and QC programs; active aerosol spectra measurements; attached and unattached fraction of radon/thoron progenies measurements; etc.

Radon - information carrier, radonometry, radon as a tracer gas
Focused on:
  • Multiparametrical models and long term measurements analysis.
Other relevant topics: Application of ionizing radiation; diagnostic measurements in dwellings; earthquake predictions; the role of radon and geophysical measurement in mineral deposits prospecting methods; modelling of air mass transport; diffusion coefficient and ventilation rate measurements; etc.

National programs and projects
Focused on:
  • Reflection of the new dose conversion factor for radon in regulation of exposure in residential buildings and in workplaces. 
  • Optimization process in protection against elevated exposure from radon (methodology, case studies (workplaces, mitigation of residential houses)).
Other relevant topics: Communication campaigns and strategies; national radon programs; delineation of "radon prone areas"; motivation for remedy; international collaboration; regulation of radon on workplaces etc.

Radon in civil engineering
Focused on:
  • Case studies incl. optimisation of radon remedial actions and preventive measures.
Other relevant topics: General standards and methods of remedial measures; preventive measures; efficiency of used remedial measures; modelling of radon transport through building construction and radon transfer from soil into house; etc.

Health effects of radon
Focused on:
  • Dose conversion coefficient of radon.
Other relevant topics: Lung cancer and other health issues related to long-term radon exposure; epidemiological studies; synergic effects etc.